Can is a Good Band
Acrylic and Marker on Canvas
36 in x 36 in

This work is the outgrowth of a conversation that I had with a friend about spiritual capital and its accumulation. Just as we are the benefactors of a race of ancient fishermen, basket weavers, and tillers of the earth, whose savings allowed for the piecewise acculumation of unimagineable wealth, so too are we the heirs of a prevailing tendency toward kindness and social cooperation, which laid the groundwork for our modern market economy. What if some currency existed that was backed by acts mediated by spiritual good will and karma? We decided to call this unit of currency a Wwald.

Blissful Apathy
Acrylic, Paint Pen, and Marker on Canvas
20 in x 30 in

This work is one of the oldest  pieces I have in my possession. I've always like this piece, which probably explains why I gifted it to a friend, only to take it back. I promise Ian, it's still yours.

 A Feeling of Evening
Acylic on Canvas
36 in x 36 in

A Feeling of Evening is a reminder of mortality and time. In it is a peaceful space. The owner of this work will be protected.